ADL Co-Chairmen Visit NY-NJ Area

NEW YORK — Following the 81st convention of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization (ADL) last April, the newly-elected co-chairmen, namely Edmond Azadian and Papken Megerian, have embarked on a number of visits to different chapters to reorganize the local groups, to coordinate the activities in the Eastern Region of US and Canada and meet the leadership of other organizations.

Within the scope of those visits, the most recent one was to the New York- New Jersey area, June 15-19.

The ADL delegation was received by Armenia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Armen Martirosian. The delegation was composed of the two co-chairmen, accompanied by local chapter chairman Krikor Salbashian and Kevork Marashlian, ADL executive secretary.

An array of topical issues were discussed, chief among them the recent UN General Assembly Resolution, reinstating its position on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. The ambassador provided some insights about the resolution, its implications and legal ramifications.

Another topic was Armenia’s internal situation following the February 19 presidential elections.

The ADL representatives assured the ambassador of their full support of Armenia and its international standing, regardless of the views they may hold on the interpretation of certain events. The ADL leaders pledged full cooperation of its press in mobilizing public opinion in the community.

The delegation paid a courtesy call to the Diocesan Headquarters of the Armenian Church of America, where they were received by the Primate, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian.

The group commended the Primate for his dynamic leadership and the vast activities of the Diocese, which are fully covered in the ADL press.

The ADL Armenegan Hovsepian Chapter Committee hosted a dinner for the visiting delegation, where local chapter activities were also discussed.

Following the 81st convention the District Committee has undertaken a re-organizational program to coordinate the activation of all chapters under its jurisdiction. The District Committee has nine chapters under its jurisdiction and it is the most organized ADL region. All chapters are offering full cooperation with the District Committee.

During this visit, it was revealed that some elements in the New York-New Jersey area have been instigated by outside forces to disrupt the chapter’s programs. Therefore the co-chairmen also met with some of the dissident elements to bring increased coordination and harmony within the chapter activities.

In accordance with the District Committee, the co-chairmen will visit the Canadian chapters, namely Montreal and Toronto, where vibrant groups carry on the political activities of the organization.