Light and Sound Spectacle at TCA’s 60th Anniversary Program in Montreal

MONTREAL — The formal unveiling of a large sign symbolizing the 60th anniversary of the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) was the centerpiece of a kick-off program held in the front yard of the TCA Center here on August 29.

Among the participants were Alan DeSousa, mayor of St. Laurent; Vera Danyluk, mayor of Mont Royal; Samia Sidawi, representative of the Minister of Culture of Quebec Christine St. Pierre; Robert Pouliot, director of Le Devoir Daily’s Board of Administrators, journalists from the St. Laurent and the suburban journals, chairmen of community organizations and other invited guests. All the guests were first welcomed at a cocktail reception in Derkevorkian hall, then visited the paintings’ gallery, the library and the section of Abakaweekly before descending to the front of the center, where chairs had been set up in the open air and a large crowd waited in anticipation of the unveiling program.

Karine Vehouni, chairperson of the 60th anniversary committee, introduced the invited guests and briefed them about the three main upcoming activities planned for the following several months: a painting exhibition of artists of Armenia, a concert by the famous Cadence Ensemble from Armenia and a concluding surprise program next spring. A retrospective on poet Vahan Tekeyan, the Tekeyan Cultural Association and its activities and ideals were presented in French by Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, honorary president of TCA Montreal.

Next, DeSousa and Danyluk, Dr. Arshavir Gundjian and Dr. Haroutiun Arzoumanian, chairman of TCA US and Canada CBOD, were invited to jointly unveil the large logo of TCA 60th anniversary fixed on the arch in the front of the building. Floodlights, cheers and applause heralded the launching of the 60th anniversary. DeSousa expressed his happiness to share with the Armenian community the anticipation of upcoming events.

A selection of short videos were then projected on one wall of the building, including a musical rendition by master kanoonist Hasmig Leloyan (Armenia), Pour Toi Arménieby Charles Aznavour, a short but dramatic movie on Armenia by Mike Karlian and a grand finale “Kareri Amrots Mer Yergir Hayots” (Fortress of stones our country of Armenians), starring a host of current artists of Armenia brought the audience to their feet. The sound and light show was the realization of Anthony and Chris Cioffi of the TCA Youth.

The cheerful mood continued inside the building, where a large anniversary cake was wheeled in with a TCA logo and sparkling lights, and was cut and distributed to all present.