TCA Haigashen Ouzounian 2008 Literary Awards

YEREVAN — Haigashen Ouzounian, the ADL and Tekeyan Cultural Association leader, established an annual literary award in 1960. Since that time, the Haigashen Ouzounian Literary Award Committee has given out prizes annually to writers of Armenian descent, both in Armenia and in the diaspora.

Since his death, his two daughters, Taline Avakian and Ani Ouzounian, have continued his work, and for the second time, awarded four writers with prizes.

The recipients of the Haigashen Ouzounian award this year and their books are: Hrachik Mirzoyan, The Art of New Wordings of Gregory of Nareg; Sergey Haroutiunyan, Armenian Popular Prayers; Youri Avedisyan, Comparable Grammar of the Eastern and Western Armenian Languages and Karnig Kalsdian, Interview With The World.

The ceremony took place at Tekeyan Center here on October 8. Each winner received his prize from a specialist in that particular field. The Literary Awards committee members are Edmond Azadian, Roupen Mirzakhanian, Hagop Avedikian and Vatche Semerdjian. Beginning 2008, his granddaughter, who is a graduate of the AGBU Melkonian Educational Institute of Cyprus, is joining the committee.