ADL Congratulates President-Elect Obama

Dear President-Elect Obama:

Your election to the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth was a dream come true. The strongest mandate accorded to you by the citizenry of America will resonate around the globe, will touch millions of lives and will shape world politics for the years to come.

The Armenian Democratic Liberal Organization (ADL) and its press, especially the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, have supported your candidacy from the first day you announced your intention to assume the daunting job of leading our beloved country.

That endorsement was based on your superb performance as a senator and the ideals you had set for yourself and for the country.

We know there is too much on your agenda and too heavy a burden on your shoulders, the economic crisis overwhelming many other priorities. A legacy of unjust and unjustified wars, unilateral adventurism and a reckless foreign policy will bring your administration serious challenges.

As the nation heals its wounds and comes together under your visionary leadership, peace and prosperity will begin to generate at home and America’s reputation as torchbearer of true democracy will be restored around the world.

As you have taken exception on many issues with your predecessor, we do hope that stance holds true in the case of the million- strong Armenian community in the United States.

A pledge in writing by President Bush to recognize the Armenian Genocide was left unfulfilled during the last eight years.

Your proven record as US Senator, and that of Sen. Joe Biden, stand as firm commitment towards that great human tragedy of the 20th century.

The recognition of the Genocide remains a moral imperative not in conflict with our alliance with the Republic of Turkey, as was proven in recent years in many civilized countries of Europe.

Armenia is a beacon of democracy in the troubled region of Caucasus, clinging dearly to its ancient Christian civilization, still blockaded by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

With a full global political agenda, we do hope that US foreign policy will also focus on the Caucasus region to bring peace and stability for the nations recently emancipated from a totalitarian role.

We offer heartfelt congratulations on your election.

Our prayers and support will always be with you.

ADL District Committee, Co-Chairmen,
Edmond Y. Azadian, Papken Megerian