Armenia, Israel Review Tenuous Relationship

Israeli and Armenian diplomats met in Yerevan on Tuesday.

YEREVAN (RFE/RL) — Senior Armenian and Israeli diplomats discussed the sometimes uneasy relationship between their countries during two days of consultations that ended in Yerevan on Tuesday.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry said the two negotiating teams were headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Arman Kirakossian and Pinchas Avivi, a high-level Israeli Foreign Ministry official coordinating ties with Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

“During the consultations the two sides discussed issues related to Armenia-Israel cooperation, developments taking place in the Middle East and South Caucasus regions as well as other issues of mutual interest,” read a ministry statement. It gave no details of those discussions.

Although the statement described the talks as “regular,” they are understood to be connected with Kirakossian’s July 25 phone conversation with Israel’s Deputy Foreign Ministry Danny Ayalon.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Ayalon “thanked Kirakossian for the friendly relationship and mentioned the historical ties and cultural similarities between the two nations.”

“Ayalon emphasized the importance Israel attaches to the continuous development of diplomatic relations and practical cooperation with Armenia,” the ministry said in a statement. “He further stated that it would be his pleasure to visit Yerevan, and invited Kirakossian to visit Israel.”

Ayalon also “reiterated the special sensitivity we, as Jews, feel regarding the Armenian tragedy,” the statement added in reference to the Armenian Genocide. Successive Israeli governments have resisted calls to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Support for such recognition appears to have grown within the Israeli parliamen over the past year, however. Diplomatic sources in Yerevan say that Ayalon phoned his Armenian counterpart to address the Armenian government’s unease over Israel’s growing ties with Azerbaijan, which was communicated to another Israeli diplomat earlier this summer.

One source said that Ayalon denied reports that quoted him as saying in May that Israel will not recognize the Armenian Genocide because of Azerbaijan’s importance for his country.

Avivi, who served as Israel’s ambassador to Turkey from 2003-2007, and other Israeli diplomats accompanying him visited Tsitsernakabert memorial on Tuesday.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman held up the Azerbaijani-Israeli ties as a model for cooperation between the Jewish state and a Muslim nation when he visited Baku in February 2010. He also reportedly voiced support for Azerbaijan’s “territorial integrity.” In what may have been an attempt to soothe Yerevan, Ayalon contradicted those remarks in his phone call with Kirakossian.


  1. Steve Avetisyan says:

    I say first thing we need to put on the table is ask Israeli Government why are they selling so much weapons to Azerbaijan they are even selling and teaching Azeri’s how to fly Israeli made drones to spy on Armenia , by selling weapons to Azerbaijan that means Israel does not care security and balance of the region, all they care is their money, look what happened to Turkey, Israel sold so much weapons to Turkey and Turkey may use Israeli weapons to kill Israelis right now, what shame and then they says Israeli Government is smart, I say they are smart stupid. One Day Azerbaijan may use their Israeli Weapons against Israel too just like Turkey. I love Israeli People but Israeli Government is very stupid in their actions.

  2. Gershon says:

    I agree Steve. I do not believe it is in Israel’s long term interest to have strategic relationships with states like Azerbajian. It is also high time that Israel took a stand on the Armenian Genocide issue.

  3. Herve says:

    Israel is still a small country, compared with Iran (1)+ Turkey (2) + Egypt (3) + Saudi Arabia (4).

    IRAN + Turkey are “declared ennemies” of Israel with the claim (from Iran) to “desintegrate” atomically, Israel ! … that claim is ‘actual’ and actively prepared (by Iran) !

    EGYPT is denying previous signed PEACE treaty with Israel.
    That Peace treaty is so important, because Egypt was the first arab country to say “Welcome” to Israel, and Egypt is a heavy weight country in the Middle East.

    If an arab country denies her written word, her written PROMISE for a peaceful future… then… no future treaty (with an arab country) will be signed, because Israel will not trust any arab country. The israeli population is untrustful to any future peace treaty… and will prefer to live in that no-peace-no-war actual situation.

    SAUDI ARABIA finance terrorism all over the world.
    Saudi Arabia considers itself as the guardian of “the” faith (islam)
    Saudi Arabia fears to be subdued / kicked away from their kingdom by their neighbour IRAN… and that could be very soon.

    All this to say : Alliances, diplomatic ties with muslim countries (Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan, …) or military cooperation (Kurdistan, …) were necessary in order to counter balance Turkeys’ ambitions against all his neighbours (first and second circle around Turkey). This is real politics !.. Turkey was a secular state… it has become a religious state.
    Armenia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kurdistan, etc… are surrounding Turkey. Those countries have to choose their alliances.
    Since Israel is Turkey’s target.. and since Israel will respond to Turkey… Turkey will divert her anger on his neighbours. You know it ! (Turkey has never apologize to Armenia !) and Turkey (like Russia) are eager to ADD some land to their squeleton State !

    All those country (just may) cooperate in a global power-play against Turkey (and Iran). Thus, Turkey will stop immediately her screaming and her gesticulating postures.

    Talk to Israel.. negociate a much better balanced diplomatic attitude (versus Azerbaidjan)… Israel and Armenia can go so far together…
    In France, armenians and jews are “partners”.

    Israel is a Middle East power, like Turkey.
    Israel will not risk any destruction from Turkey or Iran.

    But watch out how Turkey’s economy will collapse soon… Then, Turkey will look for a scapegoat for their problems. They will plan to invade someone.. may G.od save / spare Armenia !!!

  4. Editor says:

    Is this a new backgammon game played in Israel?
    Since when are you worried about Armenia?
    Allow the birth of Republic of Palastine and you will see how your new backgammon game will be played peacfully in a traditional way.

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