Reception Held in Honor of Jerusalem Patriarch in New York

ENGLEWOOD, N.J.  — Archbishop Nourhan Manougian recently visited several communities and familiarized them with the current issues facing the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. This visit gave way to special meetings that created enthusiasm in the US community.

One of those meetings was organized on Wednesday, February 19, at the home of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of Greater New York chairman, Hagop Vartivarian, and his wife, who hosted a reception in his honor.

The reception was attended by Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, St. Thomas Armenian Church priest Very Rev. Papken Anoushian and Very Rev. Oshagan Gulgulian. Also present were Armenia’s representative to the United Nations Garen and his wife, Nana, Nazarian, Edward and Carmen Gulbenkian, the past Chief of Columbia Presbyterian University hospital Dr. Edgar Hovsepian, Diocesan delegate Dr. Raffi and Shoghag Hovanessian and the Tekeyan Cultural Association Central Committee member, Papken Megerian from Philadelphia.

Those assembled questioned Manougian about the needs of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, eagerly listening to the answers.

After the welcoming words of the host, the patriarch blessed the table, after the dinner, Barsamian, who had been jointly anointed with the patriarch, introduced him.

Subsequently, some issues of the present situation in Jerusalem were discussed, including the Patriarchate’s educational and religious needs, as well as its position with regard to the political situation in the region. Another issue was the much-needed repairs to the Patriarchate, especially for its historic value and discussed the importance of the Pilgrimage visits. He spoke about the need for cultivating the youth to visit, as well as the protection of Armenian rights in the Old City.

In reflection of the link of the Patriarchate with the Holy mother seat of Echmiadzin, the Patriarch said that Holy Echmiadzin remains the Armenian Church’s supreme center and that he prays for its continued strength.

Later, Nazarian gave his welcome speech and wished a safe return and well wishes to the Patriarch.

Despite the harsh winter weather, many people had come from far and nearby New York and New Jersey to meet the patriarch.

— Shoghig Chalian