Communiqué: ADL District Committee Condemns Kessab Atrocities

We were appalled by the atrocities perpetrated by terrorist gangs against Armenians in Kessab, Syria, this past month. Ninety nine years after the Turkish government launched its genocide against its Armenian population, the survivors and victims of that crime once again have become homeless refugees because the same bloody hands are using mercenaries and criminals to achieve their political goals.

We share Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez’s concern and initiative to sensitize US legislators and the State Department about the crimes being committed against the Armenian residents of the historic region of Kessab.

The avowed principles of democracy and human rights advocated by our US government around the world will sound hollow unless concrete action is taken to stop the rampage perpetrated by terrorists and the government of Turkey, which is clearly the instigator of those crimes, is called to account for its activities.

Whatever the political objectives behind the crisis in Syria, the carnage in Kessab, as well as Aleppo, will not justify any legitimate political goal.

We call upon the world community of Armenians to support our brothers and sisters finding refuge in Latakia, Syria.

We also urge the US government to intervene with Turkey’s leaders in order to curb their genocidal intents and allow the Armenian population of Kessab to return to their ravaged homes and desecrated churches in order to piece their lives back together and live in peace in that troubled region of the world.

The pictures from Kessab are a reminder to the world that justice for Armenians has yet to be achieved.

— ADL District Committee of US and Canada