ADL, TCA of Armenia Hold Meetings in Yerevan

YEREVAN — On May 9-12, meetings were held between the Central Board of Directors of the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of United States and Canada, the Trustees of TCA London Trust, the Trustees of TCA Yerevan Foundation and the representatives of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party of Armenia. The leaders of TCA and ADL arrived at a constructive and practical consensus regarding various challenges and issues faced by the organizations.

On May 9, a special meeting was held with the participation of representatives of the Executive Board of the Democratic Liberal Party of Armenia: Hagop Avedikian (chairman), Karen Kakoyan (vice chairman), Suren Sargsyan (secretary), Hagop Vartivarian (US) and Nar Khatchadourian (Lebanon). They discussed the ADL and Azg newspaper purchasing a new five-story building in a central location of Yerevan. Participants at the meeting had already visited the new center and its current owner was present at the meeting. The participants signed an initial agreement that was finalized on May 12 and handed to the representatives of the TCA Central Board of Directors of United States and Canada and to the TCA Committee of Armenia. At the end of the meeting, Committee members joined benefactor Gabriel Chamberdjian (Phoenix Foundation), Baydzig Kalaydjian and Lebanon ADL Regional Board Chair Michael Vayedjian.

On May 10,  trustees of the London Trust held its annual meeting, where the annual financial and activity reports were presented by the foundation’s president, Vartan Ouzounian. Attending the meeting were members of the board of Directors of London Trust assembled from different parts of the world: Hagop Vartivarian (New York), Nar Khatchadourian (Beirut), Krikor Haroutounian (Cyprus), Silva Aharonian (London) and Alan Kuchukian (Yerevan).

On May 11,  a meeting was held at TCA Yerevan Center with the participation of the TCA Armenia Central Board of Directors: Ruben Mirzakhanian (Yerevan), Hagop Avedikian (President of TCA Armenia) and Armen Tsulikian (director of TCA Yerevan Center). The annual report of the Center was presented and approved. Various proposals were made and adopted on improving the reception hall and gardens, as well as erecting a statue of Vahan Tekeyan. It was unanimously decided to introduce some necessary changes required for the ownership of the Center, noting that TCA of US and Canada had made great contributions financially when the center was being constructed.

On May 12, former UN Ambassador of Armenia Garen Nazarian and TCA New York/New Jersey Chair Vartivarian met. Vartivarian praised Nazarian’s approach toward Tekeyan chapter throughout his five-year tenure, by his personal participation and support towards the TCA and ADL events in New York and New Jersey. Thanks to the recommendations by Nazarian, the local chapters of the TCA and ADL had organized events commemorating Armenia’s membership to the UN, the independence of Armenia and other occasions.

On May 12, Vartivarian (member of TCA Board of Directors) and Kalaydjian (executive director of TCA Board of Directors), paid an official visit to the Ministry of Diaspora, to meet Minister Hranush Hakobian. They discussed the possibility of re-visiting the concept of the Diaspora-Motherland Committee and to mark the 50th anniversary of that organization. Hakobian confirmed that this organization, since its founding in Soviet Armenia, has been the only one with whom Diaspora Armenians established contacts with the homeland. For many years this institution was managed by historian Vartkes Hamazasbian. he called for organizations and individuals in the US and Middle East to forward to the Ministry of Diaspora any articles, documents or memorabilia related to the late Hamazasbian.

On May 12, at the Board Meeting of ADL party of Armenia, with the participation of Vartivarian and Kalaydjian, discussed various issues concerning the ADL. Avedikian and Vartivarian presented to the members of committee the new administrative center’s complete program. This new venue will serve the best for ADL Armenia  as a center for cultural activities and for Azg newspaper’s editorial team.

Later the same day, Vartivarian was the guest of the National Assembly deputy and the Joghovrtagan party’s chairman, Stepan Demirjian. He is the son of the late Garen Demerjian from the National Assembly; he was a close friend of the Democratic Liberal Party in Soviet Armenia in the days when he was the chief leader not only in Armenia but in the Soviet Union as well.

Central Board of Directors

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