Sargisian Invites Turkish President to Armenia for April 24, 2015

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — The President of Armenia Serge Sargisian invited the President of Turkey to visit Armenia on April 24, 2015 during the fourth sitting of the state committee dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“If the Turkish authorities are interested in the truth, they have to come to Armenia and be by the side of the Armenian people on April 24. I do not think that after that they will be able to speak out about visiting archives. Taking advantage of this opportunity I officially invite the President of Turkey, whoever be elected in the upcoming elections, to visit Armenia on April 24, 2015 and to face the conspicuous evidence of the history of the Armenian Genocide,” said the president.

He also stated that he had sent invitations to the heads of a number of states to visit Armenia in 2015, especially on April 24, to raise a voice against the crime of genocide in general and to fix that the Armenian people not only survived these fated sufferings, but also took the path of revival.