Tekeyan Summer Camp in Armenia 2014

For the fifth year, the Tekeyan Center Fund (TCF) has sponsored a free camp for Tekeyan Schools in Armenia and Karabagh. This summer 70 Tekeyan students and their teachers from Yerevan, Gumri, Stepanavan and Berdzor had a chance to enjoy the seven-day program in Aragats summer camp, in picturesque Hankavan. The program was primarily for needy and excellent students.

The natural beauty of the area and the warm welcome of the summer camp staff made for an unforgettable summer experience for the children. They successfully integrated into camp life, with its morning exercises, line-ups, trumpet sounds and marching, which was a part of daily drills. Due to the efforts of Tekeyan teachers and the camp staff, the week included a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities. The children actively participated in sports competitions and intellectual quizzes. They were also taught national songs and dances.

Camp Aragats turned into a little Armenia where patriotic education was the most important element. Documentary films and discussions helped children to forge their Armenian identities and a love for the land to which they belong. Even camp groups were named after prominent Armenian cultural figures and national heroes. The children learned a lot about their national heritage.

The campers enjoyed hiking to the mountains and caves and walking tours both in daylight and at night. They had an excursion to Trdatavank, a monastery built in the 13th century. Here they performed church songs and were deeply impressed.

The camp organized a cultural event dedicated to Gumri. The Tekeyan students presented the history of the town, its customs and traditions, jokes, dances and songs. The program featured a dance group from Gumri. Among the guests present were officials from Shirak province.

The last day at the camp was active and joyful. All four Tekeyan schools of Armenia and Karabagh arranged a farewell party performing for their regions and schools with poetry reading, songs and dances. All this was followed with speeches, messages of thanks and a traditional campfire. For a week the Tekeyan students lived in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere and now it was difficult for them to leave their friends from Camp Aragats, where they were a family.

Thanks to the TCF’s project “Summer Camp,” Tekeyan students have a chance to explore the beauty of Armenia and visit its landmarks, form friendships with other youth and gain deep knowledge. This project also furthers our teenagers’ physical, moral and cultural development. It is an opportunity to educate the new generation and strengthen their young bodies, souls and minds.