Little Sparrow of Armenia Spreads the Truth about Turkish Government Lies

By Rachel Melikian

Dear Deniers of the Armenian Genocide,

Turkey is officially claiming that since Armenians currently still live in this world, there could not have been an Armenian Genocide. I wonder whether this is your stance too? I have to ask, are you an automaton or a vegetable? Because even animals cry; animals with fearsome reputations, like wolves and lions will rescue and may even nurse children. You are stating no evil has been committed on your part in regards of the Genocide: “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Repentance is in order on the Eve and the Vigil of the Centennial Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Go cry before God and ask for forgiveness. Humans are defined by their emotions and if you cannot cry for the sins you’ve committed, then my next question is: are you even human? Are you a monster, aimlessly and vehemently shouting your words?

How are you unable to taste the poison of the perpetrators and the deniers? Or are you blinded and determined to “see no evil” in your crimes? Can’t you taste the blood in the bread you stole? Do you find pleasure in its taste? If you have, than you must be a monster, and I suspect the world has no further use of you. If you wipe out the Armenians, the devil will devour you and who will pray for you then? You must repent and ask our “Christian God” to save you, the God which you mocked.

I am told that there were some good Turkish people, even during the Genocide. Thanks to them you are still breathing life. God spares life even if he finds eight innocent lives, and Noah was bargaining with God to save the innocent lives from “The Great Flood.” Like Noah, Grandma bargained with God notifying Him that there are still some good Turks living amongst the evil Turks. They have committed the most barbaric atrocities in human history and refuse to own up to it. I know that all that is needed for evil to prosper is for a good man to remain idle, so I will remain skeptical until I have seen proof of action. Where are the good Turks now? Have they become mute due to your brutal policies? Do they “speak no evil?”

Save our churches and let all the Armenian Church bells ring, so that our ancestors hear your conscience. You must beg for apology for your desecrations, cultural and historical destructions, and for the grand theft of the Armenian wealth. You must ask for forgiveness from the survivors, and most importantly from our martyrs for the Great Evil: the Genocide you committed.

Maybe you have even turned deaf: do you “hear no evil?” In case you didn’t hear, since your “crime against humanity” devoured your human soul, our belfries were relentlessly ringing for you to hear your conscience.

I suppose you must be a beast. The Grandmother of Armenia’s prayers could only help you if you were to truly repent. You are here because there are some of you who were innocent, as Grandma told the world for goodwill. When you mocked our prayers to our “Christian God,” you did not know they were for you, even when you ordered for Grandmother of Armenia, her children, and her grandchildren to be wiped out from existence.

But you still insist you “see no evil” in your own backyard. You don’t even allow the dead you murdered to rest in peace. Instead, you desecrate every sacred and holy historical place, including the graves of the dead.

Are you “Big Foot”? Are you a rabid animal that you are destroying everything you lay your hands on? Destroying precious treasures as though they were trash, ruining all that you see, and leaving your monstrous imprint behind? Don’t you understand the land of Armenia is a holy and sacred place? A place where God created His terrestrial paradise, the Garden of Eden? A place where Noah landed his Ark on Mount Ararat and saved civilization from destruction? Didn’t you hear God asking you, “Where is your brother Abel?” Though you left Him unanswered for a century? Couldn’t you see the innocent bloodshed from your massacres? Couldn’t you hear the unborn babies cry when your soldiers brutally murdered them, all before they had the chance to see the light of day?

Turkish people murdered our fathers, mothers, and grandparents, they beheaded our intellectuals and leaders, burned our martyrs in our churches, and brutally killed our children and grandchildren in cold blood. They slit the throats of babies and elders alike, and now they wish to hide behind the passage of time and pretend as though this never happened. “Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil,” of your own “crime against humanity.”

Are you planning an “eternal bestial feast” where you will eat our stolen bread, imbued with lies and genocidal policy? Will you cheer and raise a cup of wine stolen from our vineyards while you lie to the world, determined to “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”? How are you able to hide your beastly horns and tails from the world dignitaries, old and new rising powers, multinationals and businesses?

You can never escape death, nor God’s judgment, and neither “eternal damnation.” Repent before you sell the world’s soul to the devil. Remember, God is watching you, waiting for your answer.

You may think that there is no God; even so I pray to God for proof of good Turks. Grandmother of Armenia has prayed for you and for goodwill, yet you continue to lie and deny from your perch in our ancestral lands: the Land of Armenia. Have you ever heard the words “Thou shall not lie”?

You shaped history with your lies and you won’t allow justice to prevail. Your lies are a cancer that rapidly spreads worldwide. But despite your efforts, the stories of the survivors remain. The truth shall be revealed.

Are you oblivious to your surroundings: you destroy, burn, and bring everything into ruins? Can’t you see that the Highland of Armenia is an open air museum with written historical monuments? Are you numb? Should we call the doctor to check for your lost senses seeing as you cannot walk and you crawl like a snake?

Your eyelevel vision is limited to the ground; however, you manage to turn the cradle of civilizations into a ghost city. There was humanity in the Armenian Plateau before the stone ages (over 100,000 years ago), yet you wish to wipe the traces of civilization with your “Big Foot”: there is no sacredness for you. Are you a pig, as Matthew 7:6 says, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs, and do not throw your pearls before the swine [pigs], or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Do not trust the enemy around your pearls as he tramples world civilization like a beast, destroys all holiness, and tries to rule with his animal instinct.

Now, you have become a rabid animal.

You have complete amnesia in regards to truth and history. You don’t remember the crimes you committed, neither the genocide, nor the history of Armenia being the cradle of civilization, the land of truth and salvation. A computer automaton has memory. If it no longer does, a virus has wiped out its memory. Is your brain being attacked by a virus? Conveniently, Armenia has been wiped out from biblical maps, where God created the Garden of Eden, where Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat, and to where Jesus corresponded with the Armenian King, and sent his two Apostles. It seems all due to your amnesia you don’t recall anything.

I’m sorry, but are you in a coma? Are you brain dead and in a vegetable state? In this case, should we pull the plug? Grandmother of Armenia would have never stopped praying for you unless you continue your evil ways. She fervently prayed for you and now you’ve killed her, silencing her prayers forever. Now your life is in danger. You sent your wolves out to devour Grandma — unaware that even the wolves, unlike you, would have enough humanity to spare her life the moment they saw her grandchildren and heard her prayers. I suppose I should pick up the prayers and pray for you…

“Wisdom of the Father — O Jesus — give me the wisdom to always think, speak, and do what is good in Thy sight and in every hour of the day; save me from evil thoughts, words, and deeds. Have mercy upon all your creatures, especially upon me, great sinners we may be. Amen.”

God, help the deniers to recognize their evil acts and crimes. Deliver the enemy from their evil mentality and guard their souls, to save humanity from their evil destruction.

God grant the world the wisdom of Jesus to see through the enemy’s evil lies, to save humanity from the devil’s pawn and his rules.

God and guard the world leaders with your guardian angels to bear witness to truth and to let justice to prevail.

In the words of Aeschylus, “Riches do not protect the man who in wantonness has kicked the mighty altar of justice into obscurity.”

Dear world, do not dirty your bread with the innocent blood caused by the enemy. Don’t partake in the “eternal bestial feast” with the enemy. How dare you make this enemy the world dictator as you soak your bread with the blood of our martyrs? How are you planning to purge when you swallow evil? Who will protect you? The enemy will put his finger down your throat and raise his sword to chop your head off just like he did during the genocide for you not to spill the truth of his lies… You are blinded by the monstrous lies. The beast wants to lead our world into darkness and blind you from the truth. Open your eyes to the light and defend the truth.

(Little Sparrow of Armenia, AKA Rachel Melikian, is a former GCC Woman of the Year and is based in Glendale.)