Vahik Pirhamzei’s Film ‘Guardian Angel’ Set for Release on October 17

LOS ANGELES — The suspense-thriller “Guardian Angel” is set to open in theaters in Los Angeles and throughout California on October 17. The film stars Bokeem Woodbine (“Riddick,” “Total Recall”), Justine Wachsberger (“Divergent”), Houshang Touzie (“Argo,” “Homeland”), Vahik Pirhamzei (“My Uncle Rafael”), Colin Cunningham (“Falling Skies”) and Ray Wise (“Jeepers Creepers”) to name a few.

Written and directed by popular Iranian-Armenian playwright, award-winning screenwriter, and accomplished actor-director, Vahik Pirhamzei, the film captures the dangerous criminal underworld of human trafficking and organized crime in Los Angeles.

Richmond Media Entertainment (RME) is distributing the movie.

The film follows a veteran security specialist Ray (Pirhamzei), who, after the tragic death of his wife, must protect the daughter (Wachsberger) of a businessman who embezzled millions from a crime boss (Cunningham) in Los Angeles. Uncovering more than he bargained for, Ray must risk his own life to protect and save the lives of two innocent women.

Teaming up with LA-based marketing and servicing company, Lore d’Morrow Entertainment (LME) for the release, RME has partnered with indie marketer and filmmaker, Marc Fusco, to bring the film to the big and small screens.

“It’s a great pleasure to work with one of our most talented indie filmmakers, Vahik Pirhamzei, who ups the ante each time he creates a new work whether it’s on screen or on stage,” said LME’s Fusco. “After repeatedly witnessing the film keep its audience members at the edge of their seat, we’re excited to join Richmond Media to bring ‘Guardian Angel’ to the masses.”

With a platform release, RME is building a targeted marketing campaign to expand the film’s reach into the mainstream domestic market. The film will open in Los Angeles on several screens and then expand from there.