Yazidi Union of Armenia Welcomes Draft Law Condemning Yazidi Genocide

Aziz Tamoyan

Aziz Tamoyan

YEREVAN (Armenpress) — The Yazidi Union of Armenia said it welcomes the draft law condemning the genocide committed against the Yazidi people by ISIS in northern Iraq which is going to be discussed in the National Assembly.

“We welcome this initiative. It is an important step. All facts exist of what had happened with Yazidis of Iraq, what inhuman attitude was shown against them. It is a genocide, and the world must condemn it,” Chairman of the Yazidi Union of Armenia Aziz Tamoyan said during an interview.

He expressed the hope that other states also will follow Armenia’s example.

He said they expect the involvement of the Yazidi specialists, in particular, lawyer Hasan Tamoyan, who collected all facts, in the discussions of the draft law.

Aziz Tamoyan said this week that the inhumane attitude towards Yazidis still continues. Recently, the extremists burned 19 Yazidi women.

The leader of the Prosperous Armenia party Naira Zahrabyan made a proposal to the Armenian Parliament to condemn the genocide committed against the Yazidi people by the ISIS terrorist group in the Northern Iraq.

In addition to Prosperous Armenia, parliament member from the Heritage party Tevan Poghosyan also joined this initiative.